17: Patterning Mature Bucks, Reading Tracks, and Blood Trailing Tips w/Joe Elsinger

September 29, 2016

Aaron Warbritton chats with repeat guest Joe Elsinger. Joe has harvested many mature bucks on public lands and has some great insight in this podcast. Today we'll touch on patterning mature bucks by reading tracks. Trail cameras are important but learning to distinguish a mature buck's track can make the difference in success or failure. Joe also gives us some useful tips for bloodtrailing bucks and much, much more. Tons of info in this one! Good luck and hunt safe.

Learn about

-how to distinguish mature buck tracks vs. doe and young bucks
-identifying a buck's unique track and using that to pattern him
-where and when to search for tracks
-successful hunt examples where Joe has used tracks to aid him in patterning a specific deer
-blood trailing examples and stories that will help you find your buck 
-shot selection tips that make for quicker kills 
-scouting strategies for early season 

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